The best recipes for soups and soft food

Soups and soft food are the best option to eat if you’re an older adult, or if you just want to indulge without having to worry about heaviness and fullness. However, not everyone is clear about the concept of a soft diet or believes that it is not possible to prepare delicious recipes if a soft diet is followed, especially if it is not astringent, as it limits the consumption of certain foods.

However, the soft diet has a wide variety of ingredients and dishes. In fact, there are many popular meals for their flavor, which are, in fact, part of the soft diet.

The main recipe for soups that can be prepared is vegetable cream, which is prepared with carrot, pumpkin, zucchini, among others, consists of boiling these ingredients in water and, when softened, crushing them, so that the cream becomes a little thick. The cream should be low in salt and should not include acidic foods such as tomato or spicy foods.

Another recipe is mashed vegetables with chicken, where the vegetables and legumes to use are crushed, such as carrot, pumpkin, or lentils. The puree thickens with a little chicken broth and boiled meat is served separately. Chicken should be avoided from seasoning too much because an excess of seasonings can be difficult to digest.

Also, when you are following a soft diet, you should avoid eating heavy foods such as beans, spicy, as well as processed, fried and exciting foods such as coffee and sugary drinks.

Retirement homes and food

Retirement homes take into account the soft diet to feed their residents, as seniors do not have the same ability to digest and metabolize as before, in northern Mexico, where there is a diet rich in meat and food that is usually difficult for seniors to digest , retirement homes have set an example to follow, as they have managed to maintain a soft diet for their residents even though the ingredients are not easy to get in the region.

Retire in Baja California is endorsed by multiple retirement home residents because it takes into account the diet that those who are there must follow, and that the frequency with which medical checkups are maintained, so that the food most convenient for its inhabitants is determined.

In addition, the punctuality of multiple retirement centers in the state is admirable, for example, a person who does braces in Tijuana can pay a visit to a family member who is living in a nearby retirement center without the need to worry about the delay that can occur while being cared for and visiting the person, but will be sure that they will have a good time with that loved one while their vehicle is being repaired and you will not waste time on bureaucratic errands.