Why French Restaurants are the Perfect Saturday Brunch Austin Locations

French restaurants offer a sophisticated cuisine perfect for weekend get togethers. This is why when it comes to choosing French restaurants for Saturday brunch Austin locations, you can’t go wrong, so long as you sellect a French restaurant that’s high quality. This article is intended to help you locate the best French restaurant Austin has to offer for Saturday brunch. 

Saturday Brunch Locations and Pasteries

Pastries are to be expected at any Saturday Brunch Austin spot that’s a French restaurant. Classic pasteries you should expect to find on the menu includes kouign amann, pain au chocolat, and of course cinnamon rolls and croissants. These should be made in-house, and not mass ordered from some secondary provider. Furthermore, the ingredients should be all natural and baked according to the French style. Ideally, a trained pastry chef should be on staff in the restautant and make fresh pasteries daily. 

Brunch and Eggs

Let’s face it, eggs are a classic favorite for brunch, and regardless of the restaurant, eggs are on every brunch menu, in some form or another. When looking for the best French restaurants for Saturday brunch Austin get together, look for a place that serves oeufs en meurette–two poached eggs on toast layered with creme fraiche that’s been soaked in meurette sauce. This is a classic French brunch dish you would expect to eat in Paris, so expect no less for Saturday brunch Austin experiences. Another classic French brunch item is two baked eggs with ham and gruyere cheese. You should also expect to find eggs benedict on the menu. The classic French version of this dish will utilize tomato jam to accompany poached eggs with smoked salmon and a proper bearnaise. Finally, omlets and quiche should be available. 

Classic French Cuisine for Brunch in Austin

Not everyone is going to be in the mood for eggs, so make sure the Saturday brunch Austin French restaurant you choose has some classic options on the menu. For example, though it is usually associated with lunch or dinner, French onion soup is also a loved brunch item, as is escargot, a fresh crudo, seasonal vegetables, and crepe suzette. There should also be traditional sides like bacon, fries, and toast with various toppings. 

Saturday Brunch Austin and Heavier Options

Often, people will eat a heavier brunch when they know they will likely miss lunch. That said, look for a French restaurant Saturday brunch Austin spot that serves burders, steak with fries, waffles, a hearty hash, and the classic Monte Cristo. If you can locate a Saturday brunch Austin spot with these items on the menu, in addition to all the egg options and classic French faire, you can rest assured that you have found the best French restaurant for brunch in Austin.